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What is ReddPanel ?


ReddPanel - Is a Red5 application panel with limited administration capabilities included.

  • Install applications easily with auto-installer
  • Standardized applications repository
  • Basic monitoring / administration of applications
  • Quick configure rtmp application with included swf player
  • Business / Users account management (coming soon)
  • Ready to use client applications (coming soon)
  • Customized application request (coming soon)
  • AIO platform => server side apps + client side apps + api + administration (soon)
  • Over-the-web updates

Supported on Red5 versions

  • Red5 1.0.2
  • Red5 1.0.3.
  • Red5 1.0.4




Is ReddPanel for me ?


If you are new to Red5 and want to get started without learning a whole lot of things...

If you are a experienced user requiring more control over your Red5 installation...

If you are looking for ready to use standardized rtmp applications...

Then ReddPanel is just the thing you need. (More use cases may exist, i leave that to users)




How to setup ReddPanel ?




A) Download ReddPanel-jar-dependencies zip file from http://rtmpworld.com/downloads/freebies

Extract the content jars of the archive into your Red5 installation lib folder. These jars are necessary in order to install the Redd5Panel application.


B) Make sure to change : war.deploy.server.check.interval=30000## (30 seconds) In {red5}/conf/red5.properties file => save file


C) Ensure that your webapps has no other rtmp applications or a total of less than 2. This version of the software allows only 2 rtmp applications to run on RED5. Ideally your webapps folder must not contain anything other than the "root" folder and the "red5-default.xml" file when you start installing RedPanel.

1. Download latest red5panel-server.zip package from rtmpworld.com downloads section:



2. Unzip the package and upload the redpanel.war file to your Red5 installation webapps folder


3. Restart Red5 (for quick unpacking), and wait for few minutes as the auto scheduler unpacks the war file into a application folder.


4. Navigate to  http://HOST:5080/redpanel/ (Assuming 5080 is the default port of your red5 installation)


5.  Default login is:

username : administrator

password: xyz@123


** MAKE SURE TO CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD FROM "SETTINGS" section within the panel after you login, for security reasons.





How to install applications ?

Applications can be installed using the built in Installer. While installing each application may be configured with basic set of parameters that it shows in the installation process. For more detailed info you can refer to videos linked in the HELP  section of the ReddPanel application.

Note : Please wait a few mins for Red5 to auto-deploy your application instance after you have installed a application using the installer. you can adjust this time by modifying: war.deploy.server.check.interval=30000## (30 seconds) In {red5}/conf/red5.properties file





Whats the gotcha here ?


This is a non commercial version and hence its limited to allowing a maximum of 2 RTMP applications running on it. Applications not installed from within ReddPanel are also counted.

About Applications


Currently ReddPanel supports 2 types of applications


  • live  : This type of application is used for live streaming + live recording. For publishing username & password is required in the rtmp url.


IE: rtmp://localhost/live?username&password
Username : Password pairs can be found / added / removed in {your-app}/WEB-INF/publish.properties


  • vod : This type of application is used for video on demand playback
vod application supports token level security. A security token can be passed in via the Flash aPI connect parameters to the rtmp app. tokens can be onfigured in token.properties file


Each application includes the allowedHTMLdomains.txt and  allowedSWFdomains.txt files where you can configure the domain names which are allowed to connect to your rtmp application.

Each application can be customized to read from and write to custom location on your server (for playing videos and recording videos)



What does ReddPanel cost me ?


ReddPanel is currently free to use for personal and non-commercial usage. For commercial inquiries you can mail me at support[AT]flashvisions.com. Hence the free edition does not allow your Red5 to run more than 2 applications RTMP  at a time.

** This is a first draft version of the software and hence bugs may exist. Though it wont create any serious trouble to the average ReddPanel user, do not expect it to be polished fine at the moment.




Why is it REDDPANEL and why not REDPANEL ?

Originally i had planned to name it REDPANEL to match RED5. But!!! seems like RedPanel is already taken and used by some major businesses.  So to keep it simple and unique its now called REDDPANEL







If you have questions or are having issues with REDDPANEL, please contact me directly :AT => support[AT]flashvisions.com

Other than that there are video tutorials on operating the software, provided in the "HELP" section.