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Common price: $149.99 Our price: $149.99 each




HDTubeRecorder is a product, perfectly suited for online video recording. HDTubeRecorder works with any RTMP server. You can choose to record audio only streams, video only streams or both. The back end is integrated via amfphp, to enables fastest response from server while loading configurations. HDTubeRecorder integrates easily into popular video cms softwares like clipshare,phpmotion etc: to let you providing recording facility without any problems. The interface is designed for simplicity and can sit into any kind of system.


Feature List:


  • Professional UI
  • Audio level indicator
  • Compatible with Red5 and Wowza
  • Generates preview image of recording without ffmpeg
  • Generates recording duration without flvTools
  • Auto save feature lets you save recording data automatically on broadcast end
  • JavaScript API for external skinning and cms integrations
  • Built upon Adobe Cairngorm micro-architecture for high code quality
  • Audio Only/Video Only/Duplex recording modes
  • Fluid layout to dynamically adjust to any embed dimension
  • Record in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect
  • Create your own settings
  • Speex/Nellymoser encoding for audio.
  • H264/Sorenson encoding for video.
  • Pause/Resume live recording HOT !!
  • Play background audio/video when recording HOT!!
  • Perfect for HTML5 sites
  • Wowza/Red5 0.8/Red5 1.0 Only Other rtmp servers or other versions of Red5 are not supported
  • Wowza/Red5 1.0 Only for H264 recording
  • H264 mp4 filesrecorded with wowza may require an additional step of transcoding to make them html5 compliant h264 files.


Playback for H264 encoded mp4 may require transcoding using ffmpeg


Setup Guide:

Click Here For Setup Information and Guide:


Standalone (HD Demo only)













PHPMOTION (SD Demo only)

URL: http://phpmotion.flashvisions.com/

[ username: videouser password: videopass ]


CLIPSHARE (SD Demo only)


URL:    http://clipshare.flashvisions.com/

[ username: videouser password: videopass ]


Brand URL : http://messagerecorder.flashvisions.com/hd/

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