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FLRadio is a application for playing flash based live audio streaming content on your android device. FLRadio works with popular streaming servers like Flash media server, Wowza media server or Red5 media server to deliver live audio content as it is broadcaster. FLRadio is suitable for both business to consumer redistribution and/or first hand usage.

Broadcasters can choose from a wide range of broadcasting tools such as flash media live encoder, wirecast, opencaster, web media live encoder, android broadcaster and more. Listeners can simply key in or paste the playback source url in FLRadio and listen to live broadcasts over the air. FLRadio can run in background, providing unobtrusive playback of live audio while you do other things on your device.You can even turn off your screen and put the device on the table and FLRadio will still keep playing the channel.

FLRadio is built on Adobe AIR technology to transparently deliver live streaming audio on all types of android devices. Bitrate of the audio stream is decided by the broadcaster and cannot be controlled from the application. The purpose of this application is to allow casual / small scale streaming businesses to reach out to their consumers without spending anything on mobile application development. Businesses can simply provide the playback url on their website or via other modes from where consumers can copy it FLRadio on their device.

** This is a beta application and crashes may happen. Do not install it if you are a naive user!! **

Important broadcasters Note:

* Please make sure to give a gap of less than 6 seconds between stopping a broadcast and resuming. Otherwise the application will not auto resume and the user will have to click the play button manually.

** Recommended bitrate/quality : 22050 / 44100 @ 96k / 128k

** For redistribution, reselling or other business inquiries, please mail us at :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

** Tested on Red5 1.0RC2 and Wowza streaming engine 4

** Known issues and handling: (version 0.0.1)

1. On some device background playback (when app is running in background) )wil not resume if broadcasting is stopped and then started.

2. For wowza application tries to reconnect in 3 tries once broadcast is stopped and then started. But for Red5 application will make only 1 try.

3. Application does not account for internet connection availability.If your wifi / mobile data is connected but internet service is unavailable application will simply stop. Attempting to forced replay will cause application to hang/crash.