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The crown of multimedia on the internet today is realtime communication. With growing number of mobile devices, desktops, laptops etc, the content which engage users on these devices in realtime is also growing fast. From simple applications like live audio/video chats to complex live news/sports broadcast on web and mobile devices, realtime media has become a exciting channel for communication, entertainment and much more.

RTMPWorld.com - started out in 2010, is a determined contributor and innovator in the field of real-time communications involving  ®Adobe ®Flash Technology. We offer out expertise in providing software, solutions and services concerning real-time communication models to consumers / businesses all over the globe.

RTMPWorld specializes in technologies about transmission, reception and consumption of pre-recorded and realtime audio/video on web and mobile devices. We provide softwares, services and solutions about live multimedia transmission and video on demand (recorded video publishing) for small, medium and large organizations. Our core technology revolves around developing and providing solutions that are desktop, web and mobile based. We help you create - publish - distribute, live and recorded content across the globe. Our expertise stands in evaluating the best options that respect your budget requirements.


What we do





Live video streaming      
Live video recording      
2-Way live communication      
Video on demand      
Peer to Peer transmission      
Open source technology model for live streaming (non-commercial use)      
Live data sharing for corporate and non-commercial organizations      
E-learning using real-time communication model      


What can you do with real-time technologies ?

  • Setup live streaming environments to showcase live events, pertaining to personal / business / sports / entertainment / non-commercial needs.
  • Gather video/audio testimonials on your website concerning your products / services and showcase them to your site visitors.
  • Make your advertising / video recordings deliverable to multiple platforms.
  • Setup One to One or One to many broadcasts.
  • Set up live data sharing between your corporate houses or designated business units.
  • Push real-time information to your customers on desktop / smartphone / tablet etc
  • Broadcast sermons, prayers and other religious activities on-line.
  • Organize and host private meetings or conduct on-line debates, group discussions virtually anywhere on desktop/mobile devices.
  • Take classroom teaching to a next level by live recording video sessions for monitoring, improvements and video library generation purposes.
  • Live broadcast business conferences and allow your stakeholders to be a part of your business activities.
  • Live broadcast medical operations and surgical procedures over the internet for education purposes

And much more....




Live Streaming : We provide softwares and services to help you deliver live audio/video broadcasts on desktops and mobile devices. We handle server and client side setups, allowing you to reach out to a wide range of devices in peace of mind.

Video Recording : Use our state of the art technology to capture video/audio from camera/microphone into industry standard video formats and publish directly for consumption on various devices.

Two way communications : Looking for setting up 2way video/audio chats between 2 clients over the internet ? Look no further. we provide infrastructure, softwares and server setups required for one to one comunication and multi-user group discussions.

VOD publishing and distribution : we expertise in video/audio processing, publishing and distribution on the web. If you have pre recorded video/audio publishing needs to target various platforms and devices on the internet, worry no more.


Contact us


Email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Skype: rajdeep.rath


Ideas and motivations



Source : Open Screen Project - Convergence


Source : Open Screen Project - Live video streaming


Source : Open Screen Project - Convergence #2


Our efforts to make real-time communication, sustainable and promising for any economic model, makes us the ideal choice for any business needs. We take pride in building strategic long-term client relationships. We thrive to make you a returning customer to whom we are ready to serve in any and every way possible.